Three Days, Three Quotes: Day Three

Rules: (1) Thank the person who nominated you, (2) post a quote for three consecutive days, and (3) nominate three bloggers each day.

It’s time to back away from Jane Eyre, lest my blog devolve into a mush of italicized Raleway on grainy plant-and-sky photographs.

The Blue Sword to the rescue!

Tell me, Blue Sword, got any insights regarding sweet, sweet making out with one’s hottie-crush?

"It is not very comfortable, holding someone close who is wearing a sword and various unyielding bits of leather armor, and it is less comfortable yet if both parties are so accoutered."


My final three nominations are:

You’re welcome to pretend I didn’t nominate you, don’t worry. And if anyone wants to be nominated but wasn’t: you’re nominated. I’ll even add your name to the list to make it official, if you like.

Thanks again, Gel, for the nomination!

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