WARNING: Socially absent for a bit

Books on bench main

Hey y’all,

Guess who’s buried under cardboard boxes and cleaning supplies and Moving-Related Adult Responsibilities? This guy.

I’ll be pretty silent for the next couple weeks, though I’ll put up two more (pre-written) Pride Month mini-reviews during that time. Once we’re settled into the new place, I’ll try to catch up as best I can on what you’ve all been up to. (Hopefully reading a lot of great books, and doing some fun adventuring? Maybe enjoying the beautiful feeling of not boxing up all your books and staring at the empty carcasses of your bookshelves?)

Until then:

  • Hello to all my new followers! I can’t wait to dig through all of your blogs, read your posts, and chat with you about stuff!
  • Thank you for all the likes, comments, and award nominations you’ve all showered me with this past week! Going through them all will be my top priority after the move is done.
  • I miss all of you, holy crap. Please don’t forget me during my extended silence. T_T



24 thoughts on “WARNING: Socially absent for a bit

  1. So I just saw this, but good luck on the move, Liam! Stay safe! (I say this because one of my close friends broke his foot moving furniture once. Inanimate objects are such vicious beasts sometimes.)


    1. Oh man, the poor guy; a broken foot sounds like the worst.

      Happily, my only moving-related injury were aching thighs from all the kneeling/standing I had to do to take all my books off and then put them back on their bookshelves. Worth it.


    1. Holy crap, this just about made me tear up. I was gone far too long, for sure. But hey, at least the bookshelves are indeed glorious and beautiful! Pets them. I’m glad to be back, and starting to catch up on your blog again! ❀


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