SNARK ALERT: The Book and the Bone

Reawakened snark main


Prepare yourselves. Brigitte from The Book and the Bone is snarking Colleen Houck’s Reawakened, and it’s imperative that you immediately (a) plug in your giant popcorn machine which I know you all definitely have, (b) stretch your gestures-of-shock-and-dismay muscles so as not to damage anything, and (c) overnight Brigitte the comfort food and/or drinks of her choice, because Reawakened is a mess.

Quick, catch up on the snark so far—Brigitte just posted chapter three, so it won’t take you long—then shower her with your awe and support of this valiant self-sacrifice.

Off you go now,


16 thoughts on “SNARK ALERT: The Book and the Bone

  1. You, sir, have just made my week! Honestly I’m having a hard time expressing how delighted I was when by this (in fact I’ve spent maybe the past hour trying to come up with a thank you that involves actual words instead of just squealing)! Thank you so, so much ❤❤

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    1. Hey, squealing (or a mash of random keys, capslock on or not, whatever floats your boat) is totally acceptable on my blog.

      But really, plugging delicious snark is my honor–and is the least I can do, considering what an amazingly terrible book you’re putting yourself through for us. You’re doing great things, please never stop. =D

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