Obsidian Character Aesthetics

Instead of, you know, diligently snarking like a responsible person, I wasted a solid chunk of my life making character aesthetic/mood boards for our beloved protagonist Katy and that asshole Daemon. What do you think; have I captured them adequately?

Aesthetic mood board for Katy Swartz from Obsidian

Katy Swartz:

Pertinent Facts: 

1) Hair a baffling shade of light brown.

2) Internal complexity of an empty room.

3) No memory to speak of.

4) Amateur gardener.

5) Sometimes mutters the word “books” to convince readers that we have to like her because she’s just like us.


Aesthetic mood board for Daemon Black from Obsidian

Daemon Black:

Pertinent Facts:

1) Sneering abusive chauvinist shit.

2) Definitely a space squid.

3) Brilliant luminous enchanting emerald eyes that gaze into your very soul.

4) ABS.


Yep, nailed it.

In related news: I think I’m going to slow down this snark to two posts a week, Mondays and Fridays, and do something non-Obsidian-related on Wednesdays. Honestly, I was expecting this book to be more like Throne of Glass: an enjoyably frustrating romp that had as many lols as head-desks. Instead, Obsidian is grinding me into a fine, enraged dust.

And anyway, I don’t want my blog to be All Obsidian All The Time, because no. Just no.

So be patient with me while I figure out a new posting schedule for this disaster, and try to add some more zest into the blog otherwise.

Thanks, guys.

32 thoughts on “Obsidian Character Aesthetics

  1. Lol you crack me up! And make me kinda want to read this book just to place what you’re saying in context.
    I’m not familiar with the characters but those pertinent details lol! can be applied to others I’m familiar with.

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    1. The book is awful, trust me. (Or don’t trust me; read the book and let me know what you think, that’d be fun too.)

      Yeah, these two aren’t exactly unique in the world of YA paranormal romance, huh? Unfortunately. We need fewer characters like them, not more.

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  2. Hahahaha… love this! You did nail it… like with a big massive hammer on a teeny tiny nail, impossible to miss and so effective! 😀
    Yay, while I love your Obsidian snarking (you know I do!), I would love to see some unrelated features as well because you’re good at whatever you do! I look forward to it very much 🙂

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  3. Liam, I am crying. And I can’t tell if it’s because you captured the essence of these crushed cardboard “characters” perfectly or if it’s because I have resolved to “drink until this book gets better.” Probably both. I’m glad you didn’t forget squidbby’s ABS and GORGEOUS IRIDESCENT EMERALD AND/OR JADE EYES. (By the by, while I love “Internal complexity of an empty room,” I completely lost my shit seeing the goldfish for Katy. A+, friend.)

    This book is the literal worst. I admire your strength for keeping it going with the snark in any capacity. I’m sorry that it’s less amusing than Throne of Glass >__<

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    1. “Until this book gets better,” she says, while I lol myself into quiet, hopeless sobs.

      What’s your drink of choice? Any plans to do some boozy Obsidian reading this weekend? (Hopefully you have something more enjoyable lined up.)

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      1. I don’t even know where this alien train is driving us… probably straight into a brick wall (How far are you in this book? Because I have been screaming into the void for a few chapters now).

        I wish I had something more enjoyable than lying in wait for a plot to surface. Alas, I do not. My drink of choice for this weekend is wine. I like to pretend I’m still a classy humanoid while muttering strings of curses under my breath with every flip of the page.

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      2. Ahaha the alien train. TOOT TOOT.

        I’m not nearly as far as you are; I’ve read up to, uh, fifteen. I need to get off my ass and just power through. Morgan, give me strength. How about you?

        Wine makes a great pairing with feminist rage. Regardless, you will always be classy in my book.

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      3. Kind of want a conductor’s hat with “Alien Train” emblazoned on the front and “TOOT TOOT” on the back. Not gonna lie.

        OHMYGOD. Liam, get ready for a goddamn roller coaster of being filled with rage while also being numb because you’ve felt too much rage. I literally just finished this book, and I cannot believe I put myself through it.

        Ah, wine. My forever love. I will look back to this moment when you called me classy after I write my totally unclassy review of this book.

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      4. I was about to say you deserve a medal for finishing the book, but maybe that conductor’s hat would suffice? I mean, who needs a hunk of gold-colored plastic when you could be walking around in public with TOOT TOOT written on your clothing. (TOOT TOOT.)

        But holy shit I am officially dreading the rest of this book now. Did you power through the rest in one sitting? What sort of after-care did you require? Have you fully recovered from the experience, or will it take more time?

        Give me your unclassy review, Morgan; I can’t express how much I need it. (But wait. If it’s going to be spoilery, maybe I should finish the book first? That’s actually the best possible motivation to get me to sit the fuck down and finish the thing already; otherwise I’ll be dragging the process out for months.)

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      5. The conductor’s hat should suffice, but I’ll also take the medal just in case.

        It’s okay. Once you hit a certain point, it’s smoother sailing than the first half of the book, that’s for sure. Of course, if you get to the end and need someone to high five, I am here. I think it helped that I took a weeklong break for Diverseathon and that my coworkers keep letting me rant about this book to them. Otherwise, there would be no hope.

        This is true. I haven’t decided how spoilery it will be. Probably hella because I have no chill where this book is concerned. (I will cheer you on from the sidelines)

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      6. I’m hoping the half the time that it DOES feel like there’s a plot is coming at me soon.

        (And what the hell, WordPress? Morgan’s comments don’t need to be moderated. Stop that.)


  4. hahaha the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” had me rofl!! Honestly I hate both of these characters!! The whole way through your snark I just want to reach into the book and shake Katy!! And Daemon… well I’d say I want to shake him too, but he’d get the wrong idea so I think I’d just run in the opposite direction (whilst throwing him a shirt) This post is so good!!!

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    1. Ahaha, “well I’d say I want to shake him too, but he’d get the wrong idea,” IT IS SO TRUE. I fully support you both shaking Katy and getting as far from Daemon as physically possible. Smart choices, both of them.

      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it; it was wonderfully therapeutic to make, that’s for sure!

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  5. This is perfection LOL. Glad you spent some time doing this. I think you nailed it haha. Especially the “baffling” shade of brown haha. And I love the tentacle images XD Just waiting to see your reaction when it’s finally revealed to Katy that Daemon is an alien haha

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