Look at this gorgeous book. Look at it.


I’ve updated my Tumblr theme, and it looks pretty good! Followers will no longer feel embarrassed by their association with me, and this is very exciting. Are you guys on Tumblr? Will you be my Tumblr buddy?


I recently acquired this hardback edition of Pride and Prejudice, and it’s imperative that you gaze upon its glory.

Pride and Prejudice hardback book photo Pride and Prejudice hardback book photo Pride and Prejudice hardback book illustration photo Pride and Prejudice hardback book illustration picture Pride and Prejudice hardback book photo

Have you guys purchased any stunning books recently? What’s the most lovely book on your shelf? Perhaps most importantly, do you have pictures to share, so I can reach peak book-envy? I must know.

If you need me in the meantime, I’ll just be over here clutching this beauty to my heart.

Too busy hugging books to hug you,


26 thoughts on “Look at this gorgeous book. Look at it.

  1. I’ll be your Tumblr buddy! (even though I hardly know how to use tumblr….I’ll figure it out….) And my GOD, that book is just FAINTS Gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. I am straight up envious that you possess such a beauty πŸ˜‰

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    1. Your envy is like warm sunlight on my soul. It wasn’t terribly expensive, either! Thirty bucks on Amazon, and I’ve seen one on eBay for 17 (including shipping). Maybe you should spoil yourself.

      And heck yes, Tumblr buddies! We can be novices together; I only just started queuing things (rather than, you know, reblogging half a dozen things at once, then not touching the site for weeks at a time), which I think is the first step toward conquering Tumblr. We can go on this glorious journey together, maybe.

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      1. LOL. 30 bucks! Not that’s what I call a steal. I’m thinking maybe I should spoil myself, too. Especially for 17 bucks πŸ˜€
        Yay!! I haven’t queued anything (not sure what that is.) I do the other thing you mentioned LOL. I’m hella guilty about re-blogging everything. Such a lazy tumblrer (?). Let us learn from one another and become Tumblr gods LOL XD


  2. Oh. My. God. That book is simply stunning! I really want to own it, especially since Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favourite books.

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  3. This book is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’d be hugging it as well!! I don’t have tumblr, I don’t even really know what it is…is it like Instagram? Thank you for sharing, I now have book envy hehe.


  4. I have a Tumblr but it’s so embarrassingly full of visual novel men and badly written fanfiction from my younger years. HAHA. πŸ™ˆ

    Love that Pride and Prejudice edition though. Not a big fan of the story, but that book looks amazing. 😍😍


  5. That is one gorgeous book. AND it’s P&P! I dream of having beautiful hardback editions of Jane’s novels one day (possibly a matching set?). A woman can dream.

    I don’t own many pretty books because I tend to buy whatever’s cheapest – my book obsession is already a strain on my budget, so I try to buy as many books for as little money. This either means ebooks or cheap mass market paperbacks, sigh. But at least I don’t feel bad about lending them to people or breaking spines or whatever. I mean, it’s not like I treat books badly, I just wouldn’t want my kids anywhere near a book as pretty as your P&P for example, not for another decade, anyway.


  6. Beautiful!! I don’t think I own a book quite that gorgeous, but I did inherit some hard cover books from my grandmother that have a lot of antique charm, including this very pretty one that was published in 1910: https://thoughtsonfantasy.com/resources/photo-gallery/#jp-carousel-13323 (there are several pics of it in the gallery). It’s probably the nicest on my shelf, though given I am running out of shelf space and piling things up everywhere, it’s hard to say for sure!


  7. I am far too old to understand the hipster-ness of Tumblr, so I shall make the comment here instead: I have yet to read the above book or even know of the contents therein unless it is in some P&P retelling in some high school setting. Ugh, I’m so trash LOL.


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