Snarking Obsidian: Chapter 21

Previously on  Obsidian, Daemon opens up about his dead brother, a guy named Simon joins the book solely to make Daemon jealous, and Katy refuses to believe Daemon—whose thousands of suckers are permanently glommed onto her body—likes having her around.

Note: all direct quotes are either in bold or block-quotes. If something’s in quotation marks but not bold or block-quotes, it’s paraphrased snark.

Ha ha, whoops, still behind on comments and stuff. And I’ll be off doing real-life, far-from-my-computer things for the next week, so I’m just doomed to continue failing at blogging this month. I’ll try to post my snarks on time, but I’m making you no promises. Now, excuse me while I go die of shame and regret.

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Oh, hey, it looks like Daemon’s calmed his clammy grasping suckers down:

My trace did fade in a week and a half. Daemon had acted like he’d been released from a twenty-year jail sentence, and he was never around when I was with Dee anymore. September and most of October passed without anything happening.

But . . . her trace disappeared, and a month and a half went by without any Arum-drama? What was the point of the multiple-chapters-long YOU ARE A GLOWING BEACON THAT WILL DRAW THE WRATH OF OUR ENEMIES UPON US freak-out, if she didn’t actually act as a glowing beacon that drew the wrath of their enemies upon them?

Oh, of course; its purpose was to get Katy and Daemon alone together again—never mind that nothing exciting came of that, either.

These last five chapters were definitely worth reading, yep.

During the intervening month and a half, Dee attempted to convince Katy that Daemon likes her, but Katy’s not buying what Dee’s selling.

Except hold on: Daemon’s still stabbing her in the back with his pen every day in class to get her attention, and when Pleasant Classmate Simon talks to her (suggesting they get together to figure out this math stuff the teacher was rambling about), Daemon uses his alien telekinetic powers to launch Simon’s belongings all over the classroom.

“What’s your deal?” I asked in the hallway after class.

[ . . . ] He lowered his head until the edges of his dark curls brushed my cheek. I was caught  between wanting to crawl into my locker and crawl into him. “Besides, I was doing you a favor.”

I laughed. “And how was that doing me a favor?”

Daemon smiled at me and then lowered his gaze so his thick, dark lashes shielded his eyes. “Studying math wasn’t what he had in mind.”

Katy’s response to this is “SO WHAT IS IT TO YOU?” which causes him to jerk his head back like a horse with “anger flashing in his emerald eyes,” and:

“You can’t possibly like him.”

I hesitated. “Are you jealous?”

Daemon looked away.

He quickly directs her attention away from his jealousy and onto her own crushing insecurity, then flees the scene.

And then it arrives—the heart of this novel—the event that readers have been awaiting so long:


Everyone has dates but Katy, which she deems a “[t]otal killer for the self-esteem.” Thank god Conveniently Friendly Simon introduced himself just in time to ask her to the dance; looks like he’s approaching his role of Jealousy Fodder with the care and devotion it deserves.

But, uh oh, Dee, Lesa, and Carissa immediately swarm her with vague warnings:

“Simon has a reputation,” Carissa said, eyeing me over the rim of her classes [sic]. “Like he wants to be the PHS bicycle.”

“He wants to give everyone a ride,” Lesa clarified with a shrug. “But he is cute. I like his arms.”

“Just because he has a reputation, that doesn’t mean I’m going to add to it.”

I do not like where this is going.

Scene change!

Daemon ambushes her after school, and escorts her to her car. He’s heard about her date with Simon, and he has some things to say about it:

DAEMON: [Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, caressing her cheek with his knuckles in the process] “Do you actually like that muscle-bound redneck jock?”

KATY: “Just as a friend. You know: he asked, I said yes.”

DAEMON: [Stepping closer, nearly pinning her to the car door] “You shouldn’t go with someone just because he asked you.”

KATY: “Dude, what’s your deal, seriously.”

DAEMON: “You’re my sister’s friend, and therefore who you go on dates with is totally my business.”

Katy miraculously lols at that non-logic, then rolls her eyes when he warns her that he doesn’t “want to see [her] get into any kind of trouble” (though he refuses to specify what kind of trouble that might be).

“Oh, yeah, because Simon’s going to leave a trace on me that attracts killer cows instead of killer aliens. Let go of my car door.”

“You are so frustrating,” he snapped, eyes flaring with irritation. “He has a reputation, Kat. I want you to be careful.”

I stared at him for a moment. Could it be that Daemon was genuinely concerned about my well-being? As soon as that thought popped into my head, I pushed it out. “Nothing is going to happen, Daemon. I can take care of myself.”

First: take your irritation and shove it, Daemon. If you want her to take you seriously, make it clear from the start that you’re not just being a jealous controlling jerk (which you are) and are actually warning her about something serious.

Second: What the fuck is with this vague phrasing? “He has a reputation”? Are you saying he tries to get sex out of every girl he hangs out with, that he’s known for pressuring girls into sex, or that he’s a rapist?

Third: Katy, for the love of god, can’t you be slightly more concerned with the fact that the guy you’re going on a date with might be known for sexual violence? Can’t that be more important to you than the possibility that Daemon might care about your safety?

Pissed at him for being a dick and herself for wanting him to care about her, Katy flumps into the driver’s seat just as Daemon releases his iron grip on her open car door—which slams closed on her fingers. It hurts, and one finger is bleeding, and oh my god, what if her fingers “look like sausages” for the dance tomorrow? The horror.

Daemon, our heroic alien, realizing how humiliating it’d be for a delicate little woman to attend a dance with bruised fingers, immediately grabs her hand and sends waves of magical heat through her body, healing it.

KATY: “Uh, what did you just do.”

DAEMON: “Shit . . . “

KATY: “You just put another trace on me, didn’t you.”

DAEMON: ” . . . just a little one? Like, not a big bright glowing beacon at all, just—like, if you just spend the next 72 hours tethered to my—“


Oh, but before she leaves, he manages to insult her by blaming the injury on her. (You douchebag, you’re the one who’d been holding the car door open with all your mighty extraterrestrial strength, then released it without warning her. Take that door and shove it up your ass.)

Scene change!

Dee, Lesa, Carissa, and Katy shop for homecoming dresses on Saturday. All of them look stunning in their choices (Dee picks out Katy’s, explicitly choosing a red one because it’s Daemon’s favorite color), and meanwhile the intense crawling of her skin alerts Katy to the creepy vampire-looking dude lurking on the sidewalk, watching them.

“What the hell?” I muttered. Either he was waiting for someone in here or he was a total creeper. Or an Arum. I refused to consider the last one.

Does she mention the guy to Dee or anyone else? No. Of course not. Because that’s what a reasonable heroine would do, and our Katy’s above (below?) that sort of sense nonsense.

This Chapter’s Important Happenings:

  • Daemon got jealous because Katy’s going to homecoming with a guy who might try to sexually assault her; this might or (more likely) might not affect the plot at all.
  • Daemon unnecessarily healed Katy’s bruised fingers, and left a faint trace on her as a result, thus potentially putting her (and everyone else) back in danger. Good job, dude.
  • Katy might’ve spotted an Arum who definitely spotted her, and doesn’t tell anyone about it. Good job, heroine.

This chapter seems more important than the previous two, but still, my engagement with the story is hovering around there are so many better things I could be doing with my life.



4 thoughts on “Snarking Obsidian: Chapter 21

  1. It’s okay! The book is slowly creeping toward its end… One hopes.

    P.S. You would think that Mr. Can’t-Leave-An-Alien-Trace-On-Humans would be more cautious with the use of his powers. Slamming fingers in a door, while painful, doesn’t warrant risking The Alien Squad’s life. Basically, any time Daemon blames Katy for putting Dee in danger, I will be thinking of the moment he unnecessarily magicked Katy’s throbbing fingers without considering the weight of his actions.


  2. I’m glad to see your recaps back again, and the fact that this book hasn’t destroyed your will to continue posting the chapter recaps as well.
    It seems this chapter was all about Katy’s denial; about the trace, about the potential Arum. Basically anything she doesn’t want to deal with she doesn’t which, lets guess, comes back to bite her in the ass later! Also I can’t believe there’s been 21 chapters of this book and it still doesn’t feel like the plot has actually moved anywhere. She’s only just found out about aliens and she’s going dress shopping. Do you think this is the only plot we’ll be getting or something?


  3. hehe don’t worry about comments- just keep the snark rolling in 😉 you know how much we love these!! Ermm don’t really get the point of the time jump… As you said, makes the whole “we can’t be together cos evil aliens” freak out seem redundant (hang on a second… I just reread that sentence- when was that ever not redundant!) Arghhh of course there was a timejump so that the main events of the book could focus around Homecoming… of course!! hahahaha Daemon saying “you shouldn’t go with someone just cos he asked you”- wow that’s rich!! Of course not having bruised fingers for a school dance should be way higher up on Katy’s list of priorities than staying alive (and not getting killed by evil aliens… as opposed to being stalked by one… huh, not liking her options much at this stage)


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