Rants & Discussions

It’s not all snarks and reviews.

Sometimes I wax ranty about something I find especially disturbing in my books, or I want to give a long-form response to a thoughtful discussion raised by another blogger. Whatever it is, you’ll find my most important non-snark, non-review posts here.

Rants & Discussions

The Hidden Rape in Claudia Gray’s A Thousand Pieces of You

I briefly mentioned the rape in my otherwise spoiler-free review of the book, and was surprised to learn afterward that the book-reviewing community hasn’t already discussed it to death. So, because this is an issue I feel very strongly about, I’m going to elaborate on what I said in my review, with excerpts and minimal swearing. (Continue reading.)

On Not Rating Indie Books Generously

Every now and again I come across a post, Tweet, or glass bottle in the river with a message curled inside reading It’s book-blogging best practice to rate indie books more generously than traditionally published books. But giving out extra stars just because of a book’s publishing route feels wrong for me, personally—and because I’ll be featuring more indie books in 2017 than I did this year (my thirst for gay, asexual, and genderqueer fantasy is wrecking me, you guys), now seems like a good time to explain why. (Continue reading.)