World After

My favorite DOCTOR Katie,

So I’d gushed to you about Angelfall a while ago, and I’ve finally gotten my grabby hands on the sequel, World After. I was expecting great things for it—but this book didn’t attain greatness. More of a meh-ness, I’d say. … More World After


Hey Lizzy,

I wasn’t sure I was ready to read about a protagonist whose best friend just died, but I did read it, and didn’t collapse into a weepy pile even once.

Could my lack of weepiness be in part be because the raw panicky wound of losing you is finally starting to heal? Sure. But it’s more likely because the book—which promises so much, and has so many neat things to offer—was surprisingly disappointing. … More Sanctum


Hey Katie,

Ash was marketed as a lesbian Cinderella story, and if there are two things that’ll perk my ears up, it’s lesbian characters and Cinderella stories—but when I blew through the book several years ago, I didn’t particularly like it. Hoping against hope that it’d fare better upon rereading, I picked it up again recently, but nope. I’m even more disappointed this time around. … More Ash

The Kiss of Deception

Hello, most favorite Lizzy!

Honestly, this book is a mess–but oh my goodness I must get my hands on the sequel. Because even though this book was slow and silly and infuriating by turns, something(s) within it finally clicked into place and dragged me off the floor (where I’d curled into a fetal position of rage) and murmured, There, there. Everything will unravel into darkness, and you’ll love it. Keep reading. … More The Kiss of Deception