Dearest Lizzy,

I’m having a hell of a time rating this book. Can someone please make this decision for me, I’m clearly incapable of doing it myself. … More Passenger


Hey Lizzy,

If you’re looking for magic, looming war, sexy princes/ship captains, and strong sister-friendships, but you’re not too picky about sound logic, consistency, or worldbuilding, have I got a book for you. … More Truthwitch

The Darkest Part of the Forest

Dear Lizzie,

This could be a very short letter; it’d read Yep, your review’s spot on, followed by my thanks for saving me the trouble of having to type it up myself. Because really, you covered my thoughts perfectly.

But that’d feel like cheating (and wouldn’t involve any pictures), so let’s see if I can summarize and maybe add to what you’ve already covered. … More The Darkest Part of the Forest