Written in Red


I’d originally assumed this letter would be for Ashers. “Urban fantasy” conjures images of saucy, badass women with weapons, which I instantly correlate with Ashers because of course. But Written in Red was actually so incredibly Lizzy that as I read, my eyes stung with missing you.

(Maybe also with the intensity of my reading; I devoured the book over the course of a day and a half, pausing for just a few hours of sleep when my eyelids decided enough was enough.) … More Written in Red


Hello, Mom!

I finished Venetia several days ago, and have spent the intervening time simultaneously rushing through preparations for my grand return to Texas and debating how many stars Venetia rates.

It’s certainly not so bad that I feel justified in spoiling all its plot points, so . . . at least there’s that? … More Venetia

Keeping It Real

Hello again, Katie!

As you’re aware, I’m more of a fantasy guy than a sci fi one, but it’s safe to say my sci fi preferences lean strongly toward cyborgs and mecha-centric stories–so you can imagine my delight when a friend let me borrow Keeping It Real, which features a cyborg woman defending an elf man (who’s a rock star, FYI) against politically-motivated assassination attempts. But alas, this book and I didn’t get along as well as I’d anticipated. … More Keeping It Real