Hey Lizzy,

If you’re looking for magic, looming war, sexy princes/ship captains, and strong sister-friendships, but you’re not too picky about sound logic, consistency, or worldbuilding, have I got a book for you. … More Truthwitch

The Wrath and the Dawn

Dearest Lizzy,

I read The Wrath and the Dawn with hopes for great things. The current state of those hopes: a congealed mess of frustration, rage, and plaintive calls of whyyyyy.

As I write this, only 2% of the people who’ve reviewed the book on Goodreads have as low an opinion of it as I do. A staggering 50% of reviewers have given it five stars.

Let me explain why I’m voting with the minority on this one. … More The Wrath and the Dawn


Finest of Katies,

Looking for a lesbian, dragon-slaying knight questing across kingdoms and falling in love in the process? Look no further! Or maybe you should keep looking; Dragonoak reads approximately as well as a first draft submitted to my writing group: a promising, fresh, malleable thing in need of serious revisions, not a finished work. Unfortunately, I have to rate it as the published novel it is, not the novel it could become. … More Dragonoak