Hey Katie,

This book was an awful choice for me, coming out of Throne of Glass. Why, you ask? LET ME TELL YOU. … More Proxy

The Darkangel

Dear Lizzy,

I’ve lugged veritable carloads of novels home from Half Price Books, most of which have subsequently been lugged back to Half Price Books for reselling. The Darkangel came home with me, oh, five or six years ago, and has sat brooding on my shelf until a few days ago, when I finally decided, Eh, it’s time.

But it was not quite what I thought it was going to be. … More The Darkangel

Keeping It Real

Hello again, Katie!

As you’re aware, I’m more of a fantasy guy than a sci fi one, but it’s safe to say my sci fi preferences lean strongly toward cyborgs and mecha-centric stories–so you can imagine my delight when a friend let me borrow Keeping It Real, which features a cyborg woman defending an elf man (who’s a rock star, FYI) against politically-motivated assassination attempts. But alas, this book and I didn’t get along as well as I’d anticipated. … More Keeping It Real