The Darkest Part of the Forest

Dear Lizzie,

This could be a very short letter; it’d read Yep, your review’s spot on, followed by my thanks for saving me the trouble of having to type it up myself. Because really, you covered my thoughts perfectly.

But that’d feel like cheating (and wouldn’t involve any pictures), so let’s see if I can summarize and maybe add to what you’ve already covered. … More The Darkest Part of the Forest


Finest of Katies,

Looking for a lesbian, dragon-slaying knight questing across kingdoms and falling in love in the process? Look no further! Or maybe you should keep looking; Dragonoak reads approximately as well as a first draft submitted to my writing group: a promising, fresh, malleable thing in need of serious revisions, not a finished work. Unfortunately, I have to rate it as the published novel it is, not the novel it could become. … More Dragonoak


Hey Lizzy,

I wasn’t sure I was ready to read about a protagonist whose best friend just died, but I did read it, and didn’t collapse into a weepy pile even once.

Could my lack of weepiness be in part be because the raw panicky wound of losing you is finally starting to heal? Sure. But it’s more likely because the book—which promises so much, and has so many neat things to offer—was surprisingly disappointing. … More Sanctum